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Migrate WordPress Site From CPanel To EasyEngine With VultR Servers

By November 20, 2018 No Comments

For those of you who want WordPress to load faster EasyEngine provides the framework for real speed improvements using Nginx instead of Apache since it was built with multiple simultaneous connections in mind. For heavy traffic WordPress sites, this simple switch can have a significant improvement on the speed of your site and overall use friendliness.

For the purpose of this guide i’m going to show you how to migrate your site from CPanel to EasyEngine using VultR.

Firstly i should to note that EasyEngine will only run on Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 16.04 and Debian 7 and 8. So ensure when you load up a new server instance on VultR that you select one of those versions.

First run up a cloud instance on Vultr with the server specs of your choice, Im going to use Ubuntu 16.04. Once deployed use your favorite SSH program and log into the server. I’m using Putty for this guide.

Once logged into using Root, run the following commands to install EasyEngine

wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

This command will get the files for EasyEngine

After a few moments you will get a prompt to enter your name and email, you wont get emails from the EasyEngine team so not sure why this is needed but enter correct information here just in case. The install process will then continue.

Then the following command will install EasyEngine, Nginx, MySQL and PHP requirements

ee stack install

To make the migration as smooth as possible you can force EasyEngine to ask you for the MySQL information during the creation process instead of it creating its own values by default.

To do this log into your server via SSH on a program like WinSCP as you can browse the files on the server for easy editing.

Locate the ee.conf file in your /etc/ee/ directory and open it for editing.

Look for db-name = false and db-user = false and set these to True.

We now need to grab the MYSQL details for your website. You can get this from WP-config.php by logging into your site via FTP or by viewing the files on CPanel. Make a note of these as they are needed for the next step.

In Putty, enter the following command

ee site create --wp

where is the name of your website.

You will then be prompted to enter a MySQL DB name, Username and Password. Enter the dame details from your current site as you noted.

The WordPress Install will then continue and show your WP Login credentials.

Now we need to copy the files from your original server to the new server.

Run the following 3 commands to copy your files

cd /var/www/
rm -rf *
rsync -avz --progress [email protected]:/home/* .

Remember to change the value in the commands to match your server. This will include the server IP, the full path URL to your root domain folder on your server for the second command.

You will need to enter your original server root password here when promoted.

These commands will copy your entire WP files and folders to your new server.

Now go into Cpalen and export a copy of your database and save as

Upload this to your new server in the directory /tmp/

Then run the following command to replace the database

pv /tmp/yourdomain.sql | mysql

Test your site is working by editing your windows host file and pointing the domain to your new server IP. Wait a few moment s for your PC to refresh the DNS and test your site out. It should be loading must quicker now.

All you then need to do is remove the windows host file edit, point the DNS to your new server IP, wait for propagation and away you go.