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Engintron CPanel Add-on That Super Charges Your Server

By April 15, 2019 No Comments

Engintron is a FREE add-on for WHM/CPanel that allows NGINX to act as a reverse caching proxy in front of Apache which will vastly improve the performance of your server by reducing CPU and Ram load across the board.

The great thing about Engintron is that its super simply to install. Using 4 simple commands you can have Engintron up and running.

cd /  
rm -f  
wget --no-check-certificate  
bash install

Installation will only take a few moments and once done there will be a new option inside WHM with all the display and user setting options.

For Cloudflare Users

An important message for those of you who use Cloud Flare on your site. In order for Engintron to work correctly you musty configure your server IP in the “Edit your custom_rules for Nginx” section.

Simple comment out the link below by removing the # and add in your ip address

set $PROXY_DOMAIN_OR_IP "XX.XX.XX.XX"; # Use your cPanel's shared IP address here

Once this is done your CloudFlare sites will work correctly.

What can you do with Engintron?

Since Engintron is placed in front of Apache, if you want to adjust your MySQL options via the my.cnf file you can now do this from the “Edit nginx.conf” section.

Modifying your my.cnf values can be a tricky business, however a user on Github have provided a base optimized file that you can use to start. You can get this here.

Keep in mind the values shown are for a 2-4GB ram server. Yours may have more so before tweaking these values i would suggest reading up on what each one does so you fully understand what you are doing.

Engintron have a brilliantly documented wiki about the script and optimization steps you can do to boost your servers performance here. So i wont repeat the steps they have gone into detail on but i would say one of the biggest performance enhancers i found is following the guide here for improving CentOS connections.